The Republican Party of Kenosha County supports the conservative movement in Kenosha County by getting involved in elections, recruiting candidates and informing the community about issues facing the county, state, nation, and world. The beliefs of the Republican Party of Kenosha County are the reason we call ourselves Republicans. These common sense conservative beliefs unite Republicans across the nation.

As Republicans we believe:

  • Our country is exceptional
  • The Constitution should be honored, valued, and upheld
  • Families and communities should be strong and free from government intrusion
  • Government should be smaller, smarter and more efficient
  • Religious beliefs should be protected
  • Health care decisions should be made by individuals and our doctors — not government
  • Society should respect and protect life
  • Children should never be left in failing schools
  • Social programs should be for the truly needy and help lift people out of poverty​

If you are a conservative in Kenosha County, and you want to get involved at the grassroots level, you have come to the right place. Whether you want to help candidates, meet with other conservatives, or run for local office, we are here to help. Subscribe to our email list to be notified of upcoming events, like us on Facebook, and contact us to see how you can get involved and help the conservative movementin Kenosha County.

​Erin Decker


Welcome to the Kenosha County GOP

Republican Party of Kenosha County in Kenosha